Biography (EN)

Artist Ben Overkamp comes from a real painter family.

After he had successfully completed the Art acedemie was a new world opened up to him, beautiful paintings were made, the colors jumped away from it! Now they are more subdued and have more depth.

The human heart is with him in the broadest sense. In the foreground or background, they are processed.
Often paintings have multiple meanings, just as people have different opinions.
That he knows the canvas so that dropping the beautiful colors very own story to tell.

The objects and sculptures just grow out of his hands, a bust, two men embracing each other, and a life-size statue of the family, witnesses of craftsmanship. With its photographic eye, he knows the “now moment” to move a good deal. Stately and are loving the pictures to show off.

A new theme in his work are the animals, where the water buffalo and the Monarchs in bronze of a very high level.
His motto is “just stay and just go ahead and stay healthy” …